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Car Tyre

Know when to replace your Car Tyre.

Blog by Alex Vincent. Date - Jun 13, 2021

When I was in school, I have seen advertisement in front of Car Repair Shops - "Vulcanizing Done Here". It's a technical term so many do not understand it's technical aspect. What most people know is "vulcanizing" saves your Money.

I would like to start this blog with a bit of technical details about Car Tires.

A Car Tire is made of layers of different materials. The materials undergo Mixing and Rolling process to obtain a homogenous rubber compound. The different layers are then assembled together and undergo curing process. Natural Rubber, Synthetic Polymers, Steel Wires, Textiles, Fillers like Carbon black and Silica, Antioxidants, Sulphur & Zinc are used in the Rubber manufacturing process. The percentage of these ingredients in a tyre depends on the usage conditions [weather conditions] & type of vehicle [Heavy or Light vhicle]. Tire parts Tire Bead, Tire bead fillers, Belts, Body Ply, Innerliner, Sidewall and Tread are made of these components & each part do a specific job and make the Car perform it's best on all conditions.

All the tests are done on the Car Tire after the manufacturing process and one would expect the Tire to perform well for atleast few years without showing any kind of problems. But, a tire problem especially tire puncture could happen anytime on any kind of road, even with an experienced driver.

Think of a situation where you are driving your Car on a high way and suddenly the car tire gets punctured.

Nobody would like to be in such a situation. Like I said before it can happen anytime. One must be prepared to handle such a situation. Keeping tool kits could be handy if you are driving long distance.

Tyre Sealants can be used in Tyre puncture upto 6mm. But, it is not a permanent fix. If the puncture is more than 6 mm or the puncture is on the sidewall of the tyre then you cannot use sealant. The vehicle can run upto 150- 200 KM after a sealant is used in the tyre. Sealant can be used in situation where the Service Center is far away.

Things to remember before starting a Car journey-

1 - visual inspection of the tyre is always necessary before you start the Car. Check all the four tyres are in correct shape. If any of the tyre is sagging, it could be a sign of tyre puncture. Check to find if any sharp object or needle is lodged in the tyre. If it's not a puncture then, pump air to recommended pressure, .i.e - pump until the tyre is hard enough but not too hard. Fix the punctured tyre immediately.

Many youtube videos showing DIY on Car Tire Repair. I recommend watching those Videos.

Amazon India sells Car Tyre Puncture Kits suitable for tube tires and tubeless tires. The products are of good quality and at discount price.

2 - Checking the tire pressure at regular interval will help you keep the tire in good condition. Refer user manual for correct tire pressure to be maintained for the car model. This will ensure safety as well as comfort during journey. Keeping a tyre pressure guage is always helpful. But, if you do not have a pressure guage make sure you check the pressure at the fuel station.

Good quality Car Air pump / Car Tyre inflator and Tire Pressure Guage can be ordered on Amazon India website.

3 - Tire tread depth is something that will tell you when to replace the tire. Tread is the rubber that is in contact with the road. It wears as you drive on the road. The tread shape is designed in such a way that it gives the tire the grip on the road and accelerate.

Tread depth guage is available on Amazon. 6/32" or higher is a good tread depth. If the tread depth is lower than 4/32" then you should think about replacing the tire.

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