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Engine Oil

Know when to change Engine Oil.

Blog by Alex Vincent. Date - Jun 29, 2021

When you pass through an Industrial area, you will hear lot of noise. How this noise is produced? The Machines that are operating continuosly produce this noise. If you watch closely, you will find it's not only the Noise that is the un-desired outcome of machine operation, but also lot of heat is produced due to metal-metal contact of machineries.

Have a close look at the Lathe machine operation. A coolant is continuously made to flow during the machining process. When the work-piece comes in contact with the cutting tool lot of heat is produced due to friction. A water-based or a suitable collant is used to remove heat.

Likewise, in Car Engine also there are many mechanical moving parts that makes metal-metal contact. A Car Engine Oil perform multiple function. It's main work is to act as a Lubricant for the Internal Combustion Engine parts and keep them cool and protects them from corrosion. How this is acheived?

Technology has changed from drip-feed system to forced-feed system. In forced-feed system oil is pumped to various parts of the engine at a desired pressure. By the process of thermal conduction, the travelling oil removes heat from the Engine parts.

Oil pump is one of the most critical part of the engine. A failure will result in complete damage of the Engine. In modern designs, the driving mechanism of the oil pump is crankshaft. The pump sucks oil from the sump through a pick-up pipe which has filter to prevent unwanted particles from being sucked up.

It' necessary that the filter does not block oil being pumped. The pump is a positive displacement pump whose work is to move the oil from one side to another. The pump also ensures more oil is pumped when the Engine runs ar greater RPM.

Maintaining oil pressure is most important and this is acheived by the restrictions to the oil flow - through narrow passageways, and tight bearing clearances. If the pipe which carries the oil does not have any restriction there won't be oil pressure.

Youtube Video on How Oil Pressure Works

So it's clear now that the pump pressure will drop if there are worn bearings in the Engine. Oil Viscocity also plays an important role in oil pressure. Thin oils have lower viscosity and offers less resistance to flow. Low viscous oil is preferred for Cars used in Cold region and during winter. While deciding the viscocity and oil grade keep in mind that a good oil is one that keeps all the Engine parts lubricated and maintain desired pressure.

Too low or Too high oil pressure is not desired as this will damage the Engine parts. Check out for warning signals -

  • Oil pressure guage
  • Engine Noise
  • Burning Oil Smell
  • Oil Leakage
  • Engine Overheating
  • Low Oil Level
  • Engine Worn parts
  • Dirty Oil Filters
  • Pressure relief valve malfunction

Take appropriate actions to prevent damage to the Engine.

Check Engine Oil Level.

As oil ages it picks up contaminants and gets thickened. So it's necessary to change oils at intervals [5000 - 7500 miles]. Longer you wait the chances of engine damage are more. Oil Leakage or faulty engine components can lead to low oil levels.

Engines require sufficient oil for functioning properly. Check the user manual for exact volume of oil required for your car. Dispstick marked with Low and High level can be used to check the oil level. Make sure the level is between Low and Hign mark.If you do not have user manual, Youtube Videos can also help you perfom Engine Oil level check.

This online platform sells Lubricants or Engine Oil online. Right lubricant ensures not only enhanced performance but also increases longevity. To help you find the right engine oil for yourself, the website have a list of amazing engine oils ready for you.

Send in your suggestions and comments at rebateoncar@gmail.com.

A quick note before ending this blog- Automotive oils and fluids are engineered to lubricate, cool and provide pressure depending on their function. Unfortunately, these fluids are also harmful to the environment, and when they leak, they contaminate the ground, air and waterways.

envoronmental warning

Blue drain and yellow fish used to raise awareness

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